A Hurlers Prayer

The Hurler's Prayer

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The Hurler's Prayer

Grant me O Lord, a hurler's skill,

With strength of arm and speed of limb

Unerring eye for the flying ball

And courage to match whate'er befall

May my stroke be steady and my aim be true

My actions manly and my misses few

No matter what way the game may go

May I rest in friendship with every foe

When the final whistle for me has blown

And I stand at last before God's judgement throne

May the great referee when he calls my name

Say, you hurled like a man; you played the game.

A Hurlers Wish

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Oh God! Please grant that when this life I’ll yield
That in heaven you’ll have a hurling field;
With goalposts white and a green field grand
And sunny days and a grand pipe band.
And maybe, God, a singer or two
To lilt a ballad for me and you.
Then all I’d wish is to spend each day
Watching all the great hurlers play.
With Ring and Mackey and Rackard too
And Semple and Lory to name a few.
To watch Scanlon or Daly mind the net.
You’ll promise too it won’t be wet.
Ten year tickets, they will not be
Your ones will be for eternity
No corporate funding you’ll require
For who was it said, "God loves a trier".
Where every one is the same as you
In red or white or gold or blue
Your field dear Lord will have a mighty stand
To hold the people from every land;
Jew and Gentile, Pole and Moor,
For the kings and queens and the humble poor;
Put St Patrick on the gate
For the new arrivals might be late
So line the field and cut the grass
I know some day it will come to pass
When all will go to the final game
Where rich and poor will be the same

By Jack Ryan

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