W/E 02/01/2021

posted Jan 1, 2021, 10:26 AM by John O'Sullivan
Senior Citizens.
The annual Senior Citizens party which has always been held in Morty Kelly’s Bar fell victim to the Coronavirus restrictions this year. However, the committee ensured that those who usually attended were not forgotten, as they were sent Christmas Greetings, just to keep in contact, and, hopefully, by next Christmas things will be back to normal.

Christmas Masses.
Just before the school holidays two classes from Ruan National School attended Mass in Ruan where they hung cards from the Advent Tree located in the church, to remember people who would not ‘be here’ for Christmas, whether they were living away from home, in hospital or nursing homes or suffering from addictions. Fr. Pat O’Neill celebrated Mass on Christmas Eve in Ruan Church, and also in Dysart Church on Christmas morning, where all the cards from the Advent trees were placed in baskets on the Altars of both churches to be remembered during the masses. 
It was heartening to have had masses in the parish over Christmas, as, following the latest restrictions all masses have gone back online, which leaves Dysart Church out of the loop again, due to lack of internet cover.

Hunting the Wren.
Ruan Camogie Club held its annual fundraiser ‘Hunting the Wren’ in a novel and fun way this year. Supporters, young and old, and members of the Club send video clips in to the Club P.R.O. Rebecca Crowe. There was a huge variety of talent on view, with singers, musicians, dancers, comic clips, artistic skills,  checking up on the animals on the farm, and even cats playing camogie. 
People donated online and in buckets located in the local XL Shop in Ruan and the Club received tremendous support which helped them reach their fundraising target. The organising committee is very grateful to all who took part and helped in any way, and they look forward to the coming season with great enthusiasm.

Schools Christmas Festivities.
The classes in Ruan National School performed their Christmas plays both in the school and online this year. Juniors and Seniors performed a Nativity Play ‘Bundle of Joy’ on Friday, December 18, really enthusiastically. The story is relayed from the perspective of Grumble, the donkey, who is really cranky and grouchy until the sight of Baby Jesus melts his heart. Although the video was sent home to the parents, the atmosphere of a live audience and the excitement generated from that was missed. The older children also put on their dramas, with children and teachers rising to the challenges this year posed, and all had lots of fun.
The children in Toonagh School also embraced technology in sending their production of Christmas singing, dancing and artwork to their parents online. The innovation and imagination of the children and teachers in the parish is to be admired, as it brought much needed laughter and enjoyment to all who watched their presentations online.

G.A.A. Lotto.
Ruan GAA lotto draw has now gone online to enable the weekly draw to take place. The organisers are indebted to the patrons and supporters who continue to support the Club and are happy that the draw can continue. 
Patrons may go on to the Ruan GAA Facebook Page and follow the instructions to play.